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The Story of Our 75

The purpose of this website is to tell the stories of the seventy-five people who lost

their lives on November 14, 1970 on Southern Flight 932.

These 75 people were more than just a tragedy that we remember every year at the
Fountain. They are more than a movie. They are our family and they all had a story.

We are their family and we are here to tell their stories. We want to share
stories with you. We want you to get to know them as we know them.

We are the people they left behind... and we will keep their memory alive.

1970 Team

Jim Adams

Mansfield, OH

Senior - #51

Andrews, Mark.jpg
Mark Andrews

Cincinnati, OH
Junior - #61

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Blake, Michael_edited.jpg
Mike Blake

Huntington, WV

Softmore - #67

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